22 Sep 2015

Lisboa 2.0

 It felt like a proper throwback when I strolled through the streets of Lisbon again. Last summer, Madeleine and I went there with our friends and had such a legit time! This year, I went with family and friends - first to Lisbon and then to the Algarve to have some proper beach time :)
One thing I really like about Lisbon is that so many of the old houses have these beautifully patterned tiles. We were lucky enough to live in one of those houses (first photo) in the middle of the old town!

17 Sep 2015

long time no see!

Today is the day I finally start posting again! It's been way too long so I have to catch up with py pictures from the last weeks (or is it months already?).
The ones above were the first part of our summer holiday, basically spending time with family and friends - riding our bikes, having barbecues and enjoying the sun! Another bonus of this trip was that I signed the contract for my first own apartment seeing that I will start Uni next month :)

8 Sep 2015

more from summer

It looks like we're coming to the end of summer and it's been another great one. Much time spent with family and friends, away and at home, a brief reunion and very precious moments for us since again, we're moving to different places - exciting uni times ahead! Let's hope we find some time to keep this blog up to date:D x
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