23 Aug 2015

views from the trail

These are some lovely views I had when hiking for a few days with my family. I have to say at first I'm rarely enthusiastic about walking for days, but every year we do this family hike I actually enjoy it after all.  I think it's very beneficial to be in nature all day and get away from the cities and electronical devices etc. And this time I really wasn't expecting it to look like this :D
Sometimes I'm amazed by the variety beautiful scenery that you can see in France, it's crazy how different nature can be in such a relatively small European country!

10 Aug 2015

island time again

Going to this little island in France is always one of the best things about summer for me. Like most years, we've spent some weeks there seeing family and friends again, enjoying the beautiful landscape, the daily markets, the crêperies,  only using bikes the whole time, picnics on the beach or the rocks, bbq's and the cute architecture. I get quite sad every time we take the ferry to leave!
Hope everyone's having a great summer :) x
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