16 Jul 2015

Bondi Beach I Aussie TBT

Sorry not sorry that I'm only making posts about my time back on the other side of the planet, but I just liked the pictures too much not to share them. Especially BONDI beach which I was in awe of. I don't know if it's just me but I had heard of it many times before and seen pictures on blogs and tumblr and surf- or Australia documentaries and it had become kind of legendary to me.
I went there a couple of times during my Sydney time, including during the big storm which was crazy, but when I went there with my friends towards the end on the day it looked especially beautiful in the evening light. There is such a cool vibe around that place and even when  the sun has already set the ocean is still full of surfers!
Maybe this is cliché but when I see that people can just grab their surfboard and catch some waves at Bondi or go for a run or a walk at the Coastal Walk after a day at work, I  get how Australians can be such balanced, laid-back people!:D

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