27 Jul 2015

Melbourne I Aussie TBT

Helloo just as I don't have a post at the moment but still millions of cool OZ pictures, here's a few of Melbourne! We had a good time exploring this diverse and interesting city and i especially liked all the cool cafes and food places haha!

21 Jul 2015


Paris is always a good idea, right? That's what my friend from South Africa and I thought as well! Seeing that she came all the long way, we did a little Europe tour and Paris is a must ;) Despite the incredible heat, we had a great time in France doing all the usual things you would do but since we stayed at a friends house, we were with locals too!

16 Jul 2015

Bondi Beach I Aussie TBT

Sorry not sorry that I'm only making posts about my time back on the other side of the planet, but I just liked the pictures too much not to share them. Especially BONDI beach which I was in awe of. I don't know if it's just me but I had heard of it many times before and seen pictures on blogs and tumblr and surf- or Australia documentaries and it had become kind of legendary to me.
I went there a couple of times during my Sydney time, including during the big storm which was crazy, but when I went there with my friends towards the end on the day it looked especially beautiful in the evening light. There is such a cool vibe around that place and even when  the sun has already set the ocean is still full of surfers!
Maybe this is cliché but when I see that people can just grab their surfboard and catch some waves at Bondi or go for a run or a walk at the Coastal Walk after a day at work, I  get how Australians can be such balanced, laid-back people!:D

10 Jul 2015


                         A picknick on a mountain in France - looking down onto Geneva! The perfect setting!

The first post of both of us in such a long time!! We decided quite spontaneously to pack our bags and head to Geneva for a couple of days. A friend of mine from South Africa was staying with me so it was even more fun to show her different parts of Europe during her stay (Paris post coming soon!). Maddy was our Geneva-local so we got to see the really amazing spots and it was obviously so nice for her to finally come back and see family and friends ;) The heat was just perfect to spend the days at the lake and to be sprayed by the huge fountain!
All in all, a much needed catch-up and the road trip we wanted to do for so long!

4 Jul 2015

the Great Ocean Road(-trip)

An other amazing adventure that I didn't get to share on here because there was just new exciting things every day: Our Great Ocean Road-trip back in Australia!
I was originally going to stay around Sydney but my friends I was meeting up with thought it would be cool to add this Australia highlight to our trip there, and even though these things turn out quite pricey it's sort of a once in a lifetime and once you've made the looong journey there, you might as well see as much as you can.
The whole trip was a great experience, as road tripping with friends is like a bucket list thing to me and then doing it on the Great Ocean Road, with this breathtaking scenery, it doesn't get much better.  Just driving through this incredibly beautiful landscape, good music, catching up with friends you haven't seen in a long time, stopping wherever you want, literally, we hadn't even booked a hostel for the  night :D

Oh and happy 4th of July !:)
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