5 Jun 2015

village life

Since I very luckily am getting to spend my last 3 weeks in Fiji in this beautiful village on Ovalau, I thought it would be cool to share what a typical day here looks like.
We don't actually live in the village, but in a small settlement near it, so for our meals we always walk to the village where a family cooks for us.
After breakfast, we have an activity in the morning, for example cleaning the turtle tank. This means bucketing all the water out and then filling it  by getting buckets from the sea. The project is called 'turtle conservation' but it's actually more about being helpful to the local community or raise awareness for the environment etc. so we only have turtle activities twice a week.
Then we have lunch and free time before the afternoon activity: Time to work on the tan, do your laundry or just take a nap...
The afternoon activity could be anything from building a path, planting seeds, trimming bushes with machetes to collecting rubbish or in this picture, building a bin for the bus stop.
Before dinner is probably my favorite time of the day as it is when most people will be around our house. The village guys usually come over for the daily volleyball match (whoever is brave enough can join in) and all the kids finish school, so we will watch the volleyball with them or play other games.
By that time we will probably be starving and head to dinner gladly as soon as it gets dark. Often the kids will come around after dinner and play some more games with us before they get called home. And then if we're lucky we'll have a kava night in the village or a bonfire or even better a kava-beach-bonfire, either way, the evenings here with the locals are always a good time.
Getting more attached to all these lovely people and Fiji in general each day is going to make leaving in a week very hard :(

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