21 Jun 2015

this and that

                                        A food festival with good stuff from all over the world! And a free concert ;)

Another trip to the island Grinda! In the end, we missed the boat (or misinterpreted the timetable) just like last time we went there...hence, we had to wait for nearly 2 hours while being freezing cold! Other than that, it was great - a beautiful island and lots of great spots to have a little picknick :)
            ...and yep! that's also summer in Sweden ;) 'Welcome june' as a billion weheartit pictures say...
Sweden's national day (we didn't even realize the Royals were going to be there and bumped rather randomly into the parade)

My friends and I are also going to run the 10k Nike race in Stockholm on Saturday! Very excited as it seems to be a lot more than just a run. There is a race village with all sorts of fun stuff and an after party with Icona Pop! It's going to be bittersweet though - this will be my last night before I move back.

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