20 Jun 2015

Dubai !

Another crazy part of the world I got to see during my trip was Dubai. It's a city that has been on my travel bucket list (along with so many others) for a while, so when it came to booking my flights for Fiji I chose the option that had a layover in Dubai long enough to go outside the airport and see some of this famous city.
Although I had just done a 14 h flight, I didn't want to miss out on this place I thought I'd never go to in a close future, so when I got out the plane I took a few maps and tourist guides and planned my route for the day. I didn't actually breathe Dubai-air until I got out of the metro at the souq - I wasn't sure I would make it to the next aircon shop! The souq was quite an experience, walking around on my own and as an obvious tourist... I didn't expect all the shopping temptations though! And by shopping temptations I mean the original arab things in the souq, not Dubai mall which happens to be the biggest in the world - that felt too superficial to me after my Fiji-time.
I was very impressed by the Burj Khalifa: the world's tallest building is actually sooo tall I was struggling to get it in a picture. It was really nice to sit by it and watch the fountain shows, also as by that time it wasn't boiling anymore.
I don't think Dubai itself is worth a trip for me, but I'd love to go there again combining it with other emirates or countries around the gulf, I'm glad I could use my layover to get a first impression!

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