2 Jun 2015

birthday festivities and other happenings

Eurovision party for Måns! :D We were extra excited because we knew we'd see him a few days afterwards in Gröna Lund for his concert! The picture on the upper left side was taken at around 2am at night but as you can tell it's not really getting dark anymore - this means it's Midsommar soon! 
It was my 20th birthday! I had to work but my mom was in town and we had a really nice time in between work. In the evening, the girls and I had a nice little picknick on a tiny island nearby. However, we didn't stay for more than an hour at the beautiful spot where we had set it up because it was freezing cold and windy. Hence, we relocated the party into the car! ALL of us crammed into the van - with decoration, food, music and blankets :D thank god for sexy family vans!

You gotta love a nice Gröna Lund concert on a friday summer night (although it is rather exaggerated to call these temperatures 'summer')! We rode the swing carousel before the concert started and from up there (it's REALLY high) you have the best view!
Before I went there, I showed my Mom some of my favourite places in town and we did a little bit of shopping of course :)

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