2 Jun 2015

Beachcomber Island

 This is beachcomber, the second island we went to, again for 3 nights. The island is really small as you can see and there is only the resort on it. We went for a walk around the island feeling like we were going to explore something but we were back at the main beach after not even 10 minutes, feeling slightly disorientated. We had planned to meet up with a friend from our first week in Suva there, who herself was island hopping with two friends, so we had a pretty cool group, also as we met a lot of fun people during our time there. 

We stayed in an 80-bed dorm (!!) so it was nice to know the group of people around you and it kind of felt like camp :D
Also, the restaurant, the bar and all the paths on there were all covered in sand so we didn't wear flip-flops for the whole time.
We spent our days sunbathing on this beautiful beach and snorkeling a lot, my friends even saw a shark! The clearest and warm water made snorkeling amazing, it was so beautiful under water with all the multicoloured fish and coral. 
Needless to say the nights were pretty hilarious too. It was quite sad saying goodbye to these amazing people after all the great times…

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