17 Jun 2015

around the world

 a most peaceful sunday in the village
missing these favorite little people already
village style nap time... and a casual sunset
 traditional sunday lovo - sooo good!

I still can't really believe that these 2 months of traveling are over and I'm back home after a two-day journey around the world.
The last week in the village in Fiji was another great week, although I was getting quite sentimental towards the end when it came to saying goodbye to all the lovely people there. As I was leaving with friends that had been there for a while as well, the people from the village made us a special little leaving party with a traditional dance and everyone came up to us to say goodbye at the end of the night (if we'd be able to hold it back til then, that was it).
I had the best time in Fiji and met some amazing people which was so inspiring, along with being in such a completely different culture.
It feels quite surreal that 3 days ago I was in the village on Ovalau, in the middle of nature and around the most welcoming and friendly people; back in Sydney a day later to get the stuff I left at my friends and spend a night there and then in Dubai (yup, that awesome layover happened!) yesterday.
This traveling part of my gap year was an amazing experience that I enjoyed every day of and I'm very thankful that it tuned out so well and I could do all of it. The people I've met have definitely inspired me to try to lead a more simple life here focusing on what really matters and to set off into the world again soon!

Thanks for reading my posts while I was away it was so lovely having positive feedback from home and thank you if I met you traveling :)
ps millions of unpublished posts to come now that wifi is back!

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