16 Jun 2015

A Royal Wedding!

Well hello!

Since these are my last weeks (or rather days!), there is quite a lot to do and I really want to live life to the fullest and enjoy being here rather than sitting in front of my laptop which is why there has not been that much content the past days. Madeleine just got back home as well so there is quite some change going on again! Sad by all means...but new beginnings open a whole lot of exciting and new doors, right? Really hard to keep that in mind if there's such a big farewell ahead!

Change of subject - Carl Philip, Sweden's prince got married to Sofia Hellqvist! My friends and I were so happy that such a big event would take place when we're in town ;) This is definitely boring for those who don't sympathize with any kind of monarchy but let's be honest - who wants to miss out  on a little magic? It really was beautiful and we had such great spots (as the pictures might tell!).
We were even asked to give 3 TV-interviews (in 3 different languages haha)! And as we really got into the royal fever we decided to visit the castle Drottningholm, the Kings and Queens permanent home :D Afterwards, we took the train back into town and decided to take a look at the church where the prince got married the day before. All the decoration was still there and you could even go up on the balcony! This got much longer than I intended so I'm just going to cool down now and pop the magical royal wedding bubble! ;)

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