27 Jun 2015


Hej Hej! Just some pictures of our perfect midsummer weekend a couple of days ago :) Spent it with friends, dance, music and a lot of good food! Although it was raining cats and dogs on the actual Midsommarday, we had such a good time together - especially since it was our last weekend together! The days are counted...

on cloud nine! (Fiji unpublished stuff)


Cloud 9 is a floating restaurant/bar on a reef off Malolo island. We went there for a day trip during our stay there in the Mamanucas and we were so glad we went. It’s such a cool idea to have this place in the middle of the ocean and it was very nice to hang out on. There was music and pizza (proper wood fire pizza - a big craving for all of us!) and were also allowed to jump of the top floor and had a nice snorkel around, the water was so clear!

24 Jun 2015

Teaching in Fiji (Fiji unpublished stuff)

walking to school because we missed the truck...look at the location of that school though
One of our activities I particularly enjoyed was going to the local school once a week. The school goes from grade 1 to 8 and the children from three villages including ours went there, which meant that after a short time we knew most of them and made it even nicer.
We only ever ‚taught‘ there for about half an hour, but it was enough to make your heart melt every time. And to be honest, we were pretty exhausted after trying to keep this cute energetic bunch calm for that time.
The idea is that we teach the children about sea turtles and raise environmental awareness, but by the time I was there they had heard about it so much that we tried to switch the topics up a little bit. For example, one day we talked about toothbrushing and gave toothbrushes out to them, as many families can't afford toothbrushes for everyone and they usually don't get classes about it like we did when we were younger.
They were always very curious and wanted to know about where we came from, one time they asked us to sing our national anthems and sang theirs in return, which is sounded amazing by the way!

The children are always so excited when we come to school, but they are also generally the nicest and happiest: When they get home from school, they run into their houses to get changed and then just play with each other and without any toys; if we were around, they would just grab our hand or hug us and ask us to join in their little games. I miss them a lot!

21 Jun 2015

this and that

                                        A food festival with good stuff from all over the world! And a free concert ;)

Another trip to the island Grinda! In the end, we missed the boat (or misinterpreted the timetable) just like last time we went there...hence, we had to wait for nearly 2 hours while being freezing cold! Other than that, it was great - a beautiful island and lots of great spots to have a little picknick :)
            ...and yep! that's also summer in Sweden ;) 'Welcome june' as a billion weheartit pictures say...
Sweden's national day (we didn't even realize the Royals were going to be there and bumped rather randomly into the parade)

My friends and I are also going to run the 10k Nike race in Stockholm on Saturday! Very excited as it seems to be a lot more than just a run. There is a race village with all sorts of fun stuff and an after party with Icona Pop! It's going to be bittersweet though - this will be my last night before I move back.

20 Jun 2015

Dubai !

Another crazy part of the world I got to see during my trip was Dubai. It's a city that has been on my travel bucket list (along with so many others) for a while, so when it came to booking my flights for Fiji I chose the option that had a layover in Dubai long enough to go outside the airport and see some of this famous city.
Although I had just done a 14 h flight, I didn't want to miss out on this place I thought I'd never go to in a close future, so when I got out the plane I took a few maps and tourist guides and planned my route for the day. I didn't actually breathe Dubai-air until I got out of the metro at the souq - I wasn't sure I would make it to the next aircon shop! The souq was quite an experience, walking around on my own and as an obvious tourist... I didn't expect all the shopping temptations though! And by shopping temptations I mean the original arab things in the souq, not Dubai mall which happens to be the biggest in the world - that felt too superficial to me after my Fiji-time.
I was very impressed by the Burj Khalifa: the world's tallest building is actually sooo tall I was struggling to get it in a picture. It was really nice to sit by it and watch the fountain shows, also as by that time it wasn't boiling anymore.
I don't think Dubai itself is worth a trip for me, but I'd love to go there again combining it with other emirates or countries around the gulf, I'm glad I could use my layover to get a first impression!

17 Jun 2015

around the world

 a most peaceful sunday in the village
missing these favorite little people already
village style nap time... and a casual sunset
 traditional sunday lovo - sooo good!

I still can't really believe that these 2 months of traveling are over and I'm back home after a two-day journey around the world.
The last week in the village in Fiji was another great week, although I was getting quite sentimental towards the end when it came to saying goodbye to all the lovely people there. As I was leaving with friends that had been there for a while as well, the people from the village made us a special little leaving party with a traditional dance and everyone came up to us to say goodbye at the end of the night (if we'd be able to hold it back til then, that was it).
I had the best time in Fiji and met some amazing people which was so inspiring, along with being in such a completely different culture.
It feels quite surreal that 3 days ago I was in the village on Ovalau, in the middle of nature and around the most welcoming and friendly people; back in Sydney a day later to get the stuff I left at my friends and spend a night there and then in Dubai (yup, that awesome layover happened!) yesterday.
This traveling part of my gap year was an amazing experience that I enjoyed every day of and I'm very thankful that it tuned out so well and I could do all of it. The people I've met have definitely inspired me to try to lead a more simple life here focusing on what really matters and to set off into the world again soon!

Thanks for reading my posts while I was away it was so lovely having positive feedback from home and thank you if I met you traveling :)
ps millions of unpublished posts to come now that wifi is back!
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