16 May 2015

the best week on Ovalau

So, during introduction week it turned out that there actually is no beach anywhere near Suva and that it has some sort of microclimate which explains the frequent rain. Other volunteers told us that the project called 'turtle conservation' was an amazing experience so I decided to sign up for that project instead of kindergarten for one week and go to Ovalau along with a few other volunteers. 

Here's the mazing sunset view on the ferry to Ovalau (with Tom, one of our coordinators) and waiting for the bus for the 3h ride there in Suva (we waited for the bus for 1.5 hours...fiji time)
 After our day of traveling we arrived in the little volunteer house in the village near Levuka. It is in the middle of nature, close to a small village, to where we always walk through the forest and a little stream to have our meals. The house is only two dorms and a bathroom area behind it.
The project is actually more about being helpful to the local community than the sea turtles but I will make a few more posts about Ovalau.  It was so lovely and inspiring being part of the village for a week, everyone was so friendly and welcoming and we felt like we knew everyone after this week. I'm so glad I went to Ovalau for a week and got to make these amazing experiences with people I now consider friends and I will definitely try to come back there during my time left in Fiji.
These lovely kids just climbed up a palm tree to get us some coconuts and then chopped them open for us to drink. They were all so kind and well behaved and fun to be around.
The two only products used on my skin have this week have been sunscreen and bug spray and it's totally fine. After a few days only in nature I didn't even mind the ants in my suitcase or the bugs in my bed or running through knee-high 'grass' only in flip-flops anymore.
Our life during this week has been so incredibly relaxed and peaceful : We were outside pretty much the whole time, played with the kids of the village, worked (= cleaning the turtles tank, building a path or organic gardening) a few hours a day and spent our free time at the beach and having bonfires or kava evenings.
Right now I am back on the main island from where I will ho to see a few other islands with friends the next week before going back to the program, which I am very excited for but I also have so much more to say about life in the village, it was such an unforgettable experience !

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