20 May 2015

pre birthday weekend in HONG KONG! I pt. 1

                                                                                  We actually went for a swim in the Pacific Ocean! 

                                                                                            I admit, we mostly ate Thai Food ;)

                                                The Sound and Light Show which is every evening - rather dull though

Since I love traveling almost more than anything, I've always gotten journeys as birthday and christmas presents for the past 8 years or so!
My birthday is next week but last weekend was a long one, hence we decided to fly then so I wouldn't miss too much work. My Mum and I were beyond excited to go to Hongkong again after almost 6 years since last time. We love the city so much because you really get the best of all:
- it's Asia but almost everybody's able to speak English
- you can go shopping like there's no tomorrow
- although it's such a huge city with skyscrapers and people everywhere, there's still so much jungle-like nature and of course beaches quite near the centre
- it's so nice and warm (it rained a couple of times but it didn't really matter since it was still warm)
- good food!
- ... I could go on like that for ages ;)

My Mum has been there countless times and since this was also already my fourth time there, we skipped the touristy parts and just did whatever we really wanted to do. One thing, for example, is taking the bus to Stanley - a town close to HK. We actually hopped off the bus before we arrived in Stanley and walked there. Despite the heat and the moisture, it was such a beautiful little hike in an tropical environment, seeing all the nice houses and swimming in the sea :)

There will be a part II since I didn't manage to cram everything into this post! xx

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