12 May 2015

orientation week

going to the premium cinema to see pitch perfect 2! and having fun on our minivan in the rainforest
Akisi grating the coconut for our Fijian meal

Some more impressions of my first week in Fiji. As I mentioned we have orientation week so we get to know the fijian culture and get information that will be useful during our stay.  We had a lot of fun with the other volunteers during and between our activities which included fijian language class, cooking, weaving, trips to Suva city etc. 
We also had our first little ceremony of drinking Kava, which is the traditional drink in Fiji. It is made from the powder of the yaqona plant and has a taste you need to get used to at first...  But it's really nice to have all sitting around the big wooden bowl it is made in and the numbing effect it has on your mouth :D
For this week (the week after orientation week, I am a bit behind) I have gone to another, smaller island with some other volunteers, it's called Ovalau and is SO beautiful and we can't believe how friendly and welcoming all the people here are! I will write more soon, it's hard to spend time on your laptop here!:D

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