31 May 2015

Malolo Island

The first stop on our ‚island hop‘ was Malolo, where we stayed for 3 nights. The island turned out to be much more of a relaxing spot than a backpacker island, so we ended up having a very relaxing stay there. We also realized that we had unconsciously booked into a main surfer place, as Malolo’s reef are famous (not to us of course) as some of the world’s top surfing spots like cloud break, so we got a little lesson about surfing there.

One of the little things we love about Fiji: when you are offered freshly picked coconuts without even asking 

Even though we weren't really expecting the place to be so calm (the other hotels on the island are more luxurious resorts) a few days of just chilling out and resting were well needed after two weeks of constantly being in a group of people and having a program for the day.
A  few early nights were also very refreshing, especially since our next destination, beachcomber, was always referred to as ‚the party island‘ :D

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