24 May 2015

After 3 weeks in Fiji...

Long time no see - or at least that's what it feels like. Time for a little update : After the week on Ovalau I took 'a week off' to see some of the more touristy white sands/backpacker/party side of Fiji. I was so lucky to have a bunch of amazing people in my volunteering group so we decided to discover more of Fiji in a week of 'island hopping' in the Mamanucas, which is a group of small islands in eastern Fiji.
Again, I can say that we had such a good time together with friends and new people we met in some incredibly beautiful places.
Now I am even halfway through my stay in Fiji which is hard to believe. The day I arrived here feels like hours and ages ago at the same time. The first 3 weeks here have been filled with amazing experiences, thanks to the people I met here and what Fiji has to offer.
Yesterday I said goodbye to my friends I met during my first week here, people I have been with 24/7 since the first day and it was very sad seeing them set off to other continents. But since we all share a love for traveling, we're pretty confident that we will see each other again in who knows what part of the world.
After one week in Suva, one week on Ovalau and one week in the Mamanucas, I think I can say that I got quite a good impression of the different sides of Fiji, having had a week in the capital being introduced to Fijian culture, a very peaceful week of life in the village and a week of backpacking, snorkeling and tanning while island hopping.
I was very happy to hear that I could change my program from the one in Suva to the one on Ovalau, which means that I will be spending the next 3 weeks in the village which I'm so excited for!!

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