29 Apr 2015

Sydney, my new favourite

the legendary Bondi, there will be a post about it of course 

This post is gonna be a slight ramble because I've been sooo busy (in a good way of course!) exploring different parts of Australia that I have like a million photos to sort of the AMAZING things I saw and I am also slightly overwhelmed.
First of all, the reason I am here is that as I took a gap year, I wanted to earn some money during that time, which I did in Switzerland for 5 months but also it was very important to me to take the opportunity to see different parts of the world and travel far away, to a place that I probably wouldn't go otherwise.
I liked the idea of voluntary work combined with exploring exotic places so I decided to do that on the Fiji Islands! As to get there (about 30h of traveling) most flights go via Sydney, I thought it would be even more amazing to discover the awesome 'down under' at the same time. I luckily managed to include 2 weeks based in Sydney in my plan, as we have friends here who very kindly offered me to stay at their house while I am in Australia. To top that off, two of my good friends from home who are traveling the world together and I arranged to be there at around the same date, so we've been able to experience NSW and Victoria  together and had the best time.
Back to  Sydney, I am absolutely in love with this city and will be sad to leave here. This is only about the main city and downtown basically be there are a lot more posts to come!

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