20 Apr 2015

first impressions of AUSTRALIA

vegan almond brownie yum 

I've been here for not even 48 hours and I can't say it has fully sunk in that I am literally on the other side of the planet. I can say however that I absolutely LOVE this place. I think Australia is generally very appealing to people and known as a really cool country/continent but especially if you're into or from the blogging scene you will have this picture of Australia where people are just very laid-back, hang out at the beach or surf after work, go for runs or do yoga every day, have a great variety of healthy  foods and the coolest style when it comes to clothing. And their accent. At least that's what it was to me - and I wasn't disappointed!
The weather's been quite nice (that's what they call autumn) and I went for a run to explore the area ( there's so many people running it's contagious) down to the ocean, saw a lot of lovely houses and cafes, went to the supermarket afterwards to get myself some healthy juice coconut water stuff and found myself in healthy-tumblr-foods heaven.
While strolling through downtown Sydney today I saw a lot of friendly and stylish people, a lot of very tempting cafes and clothes shops and more cool buildings.
That's just a summary of how I feel after two days in Sydney but I get really excited about all the small things I see and feel very relaxed and happy.

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