29 Apr 2015

Sydney, my new favourite

the legendary Bondi, there will be a post about it of course 

This post is gonna be a slight ramble because I've been sooo busy (in a good way of course!) exploring different parts of Australia that I have like a million photos to sort of the AMAZING things I saw and I am also slightly overwhelmed.
First of all, the reason I am here is that as I took a gap year, I wanted to earn some money during that time, which I did in Switzerland for 5 months but also it was very important to me to take the opportunity to see different parts of the world and travel far away, to a place that I probably wouldn't go otherwise.
I liked the idea of voluntary work combined with exploring exotic places so I decided to do that on the Fiji Islands! As to get there (about 30h of traveling) most flights go via Sydney, I thought it would be even more amazing to discover the awesome 'down under' at the same time. I luckily managed to include 2 weeks based in Sydney in my plan, as we have friends here who very kindly offered me to stay at their house while I am in Australia. To top that off, two of my good friends from home who are traveling the world together and I arranged to be there at around the same date, so we've been able to experience NSW and Victoria  together and had the best time.
Back to  Sydney, I am absolutely in love with this city and will be sad to leave here. This is only about the main city and downtown basically be there are a lot more posts to come!

20 Apr 2015

first impressions of AUSTRALIA

vegan almond brownie yum 

I've been here for not even 48 hours and I can't say it has fully sunk in that I am literally on the other side of the planet. I can say however that I absolutely LOVE this place. I think Australia is generally very appealing to people and known as a really cool country/continent but especially if you're into or from the blogging scene you will have this picture of Australia where people are just very laid-back, hang out at the beach or surf after work, go for runs or do yoga every day, have a great variety of healthy  foods and the coolest style when it comes to clothing. And their accent. At least that's what it was to me - and I wasn't disappointed!
The weather's been quite nice (that's what they call autumn) and I went for a run to explore the area ( there's so many people running it's contagious) down to the ocean, saw a lot of lovely houses and cafes, went to the supermarket afterwards to get myself some healthy juice coconut water stuff and found myself in healthy-tumblr-foods heaven.
While strolling through downtown Sydney today I saw a lot of friendly and stylish people, a lot of very tempting cafes and clothes shops and more cool buildings.
That's just a summary of how I feel after two days in Sydney but I get really excited about all the small things I see and feel very relaxed and happy.

19 Apr 2015

beautiful skies

I think I have a slight obsession with evening skies. Every time there is a nice sunset I have to take pictures of it and could watch it for ages. I guess it's good if such a simple thing can make you happy :D

14 Apr 2015

Andreas Wijk and Angelica Blick!

Well hello everyone! I finally get to upload the pictures of our little 'blogger weekend'! Just before easter, a friend and I got to meet the absolutely loveliest bloggers ever, Angelica Blick and Andreas Wijk! In case you don't know them, they're both from Sweden but internationally known. I'll put a link to their blogs down below and also a link to a video from the weekend :)
On sunday they had a 'bloppis' (bloggers selling their clothes) together with other well known fashion bloggers. It was indeed VERY cool and we picked up quite a lot of stuff and - of course - got the chance to talk to them again!

Fingers crossed this wasn't the last time we met them (we saw Angelica in the metro station a couple of months ago) xx



12 Apr 2015

goodbye geneva

After 5 amazing months in Switzerland the 'earning money' part of my gap year has come to an end, which makes me sad because I really enjoyed these few months I spent here so much, however I'm also looking forward to some weeks at home before I set off again for the 'traveling' gap-year-part.
I got to make some great experiences in my free time but also at work,  meet a lot of cool people and spend time with my family I usually don't see that often.
I'm really happy with how my time in Geneva went and I'm definitely going to miss the beautiful surroundings and the lovely people I met!

6 Apr 2015

happy easter!


Happy easter! It was a lovely day spent with the family and luckily the weather was alright so we could do the traditional egg hunt (while keeping the dogs away from the chocolate) and enjoy the rays of sunshine peeking through :)

1 Apr 2015

recent randoms

Hellooo some random shots of the past weeks! /1- when you're the only one in the restaurant who gets that urge to fotoshoot their food // 2- oh I'm gonna miss this city // 3- car madness at the Geneva motor show where I worked for two weeks // 4- don't mind taking the train like this (had to let my stupid bag ruin the picture of course) /

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