22 Mar 2015

Northern lights!

I still cannot believe that I got to see something so breathtaking and stunning! Normally, the northern lights are not really to be seen down here in Stockholm and not at all this bright and clear. For some reason though we had a lot of luck and thus we got to spend half the night on the streets
taking pictures and enjoying the spectacular phenomenon. It was so cold that night and we weren't              really dressed appropriately because when we realized what was going on up in the sky we literally rushed out of our houses and drove to a place that wasn't as lit-up by houses and streetlights. We found a pretty spot right by the waterfront and watched the light show above our heads for hours.
The following night, we drove out there again but didn't have any luck again...Truly once in a lifetime!


  1. My gosh, wow! This is absolutely breathtaking, looks so dreamy and unreal. I believe I have seen some kind of northern lights when I was much younger but nothing this spectacular. I can't stop admiring your pictures!

    1. Thanks :) Same here, cannot believe I got to see something like that!


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