29 Mar 2015

spring inspo

source: weheartit.com

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22 Mar 2015

Northern lights!

I still cannot believe that I got to see something so breathtaking and stunning! Normally, the northern lights are not really to be seen down here in Stockholm and not at all this bright and clear. For some reason though we had a lot of luck and thus we got to spend half the night on the streets
taking pictures and enjoying the spectacular phenomenon. It was so cold that night and we weren't              really dressed appropriately because when we realized what was going on up in the sky we literally rushed out of our houses and drove to a place that wasn't as lit-up by houses and streetlights. We found a pretty spot right by the waterfront and watched the light show above our heads for hours.
The following night, we drove out there again but didn't have any luck again...Truly once in a lifetime!

18 Mar 2015

välkommen våren!

Sun's up, temperature's above 5°C and Stockholm is out on the streets. Literally everyone is enjoying the sunshine. After a long time at home with sick kids, the last weekends have been a blast and my friends and I had lovely times just sitting at the waterfront, chatting and snacking ;)
And since the trampoline in the garden was put up again, the Swedes have officially decided that there'll be any more snow this winter (fingers crossed!).

However, there was one thing that drove me absolutely crazy. Last thursday was the so called 'Victoria dagen' (Princess Victoria's saint's day) and a friend of mine and I wanted to go there so bad because Victoria and her daughter Estelle come outside for a little ceremony but it's actually quite small and only few people who come! It would have been the best to go there and maybe take a picture or just see them in action...

16 Mar 2015

more mountain weekend funzies

As I said in my last mountain-post, I really love the possibility you have here to go skiing during the weekends and be in lovely stations in barely an hour. The last two weeks have been very busy (post on that hopefully coming up) but before I luckily managed to have a few more mountain weekends with family and friends which was really nice :)

4 Mar 2015

a puppy!

A kind of unexpected and exciting addition to my family - we went to pick up our little puppy last week! Personally, I never was that much of a dog lover (my friends will probably laugh here), I  mean I have nothing against them, I just didn't see myself walking and feeding and brushing one several times a day BUT when we were started considering getting this one and I saw this little fluffy overload of cuteness I figured that I'm get gonna really attached to him (also when he's a lot bigger because he will get A LOT bigger) and he will be a new member of the family, not just a pet. Besides I'm also glad because it makes my younger siblings very happy and yeah I'm looking forward to spend more time with him when I come back home in a few weeks!
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