10 Feb 2015

weekend ski au top!

I love it anyway, but this is one of the many perks of living in switzerland. I was starting to feel like I was the only one left in the city because of work as pretty much everyone has gone to the mountains for the school/uni holidays, when we realized I could actually join my cousins on their skiing holiday just for the weekend. So I grabbed the essentials, hopped on the train, took a bus up to the station and found myself in this paradise above the clouds. The panorama up there is breathtakingly beautiful and     we had to restrain ourselves from stopping every 5 minutes to take pictures (which also meant that our hands would instantly freeze). When we stopped at the rotating panoramic restaurant for a hot ovo I could have stared at this majestic scenery for ages, but luckily perfect skiing conditions didn't make it that hard to hit the piste again;) 
After strolling through the village, cosy time in the chalet and a day of skiing at its finest I felt quite refuelled for at least the next week of work!

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