25 Feb 2015

hyde park picnic in switzerland

When my granddad recently came back from London he was so kind to bring back my favourite London-food for me and it was so gooood! A m&s smoothie and pret à manger toastie may not seem that special but they are to me, I adore them and they taste like hyde park picnics (as shown here in the original;)

13 Feb 2015

swedish winter

Winter blast from the last few weeks! It's so beautiful when the sun's out and you can finally fight the vitamin D deficiency that has been going on for way too long. I literally try to catch every ray of sunshine but I guess I still have to deal with skin that is as pale as the wall and a hairline that looks as if I had forgotten to bleach it.

A light in the oh so dark swedish winter though: my family will be coming to Stockholm tomorrow! :)

10 Feb 2015

weekend ski au top!

I love it anyway, but this is one of the many perks of living in switzerland. I was starting to feel like I was the only one left in the city because of work as pretty much everyone has gone to the mountains for the school/uni holidays, when we realized I could actually join my cousins on their skiing holiday just for the weekend. So I grabbed the essentials, hopped on the train, took a bus up to the station and found myself in this paradise above the clouds. The panorama up there is breathtakingly beautiful and     we had to restrain ourselves from stopping every 5 minutes to take pictures (which also meant that our hands would instantly freeze). When we stopped at the rotating panoramic restaurant for a hot ovo I could have stared at this majestic scenery for ages, but luckily perfect skiing conditions didn't make it that hard to hit the piste again;) 
After strolling through the village, cosy time in the chalet and a day of skiing at its finest I felt quite refuelled for at least the next week of work!

3 Feb 2015

morning hikes

We didn’t hike that much to be honest but when a friend of mine recently came to visit we went up the nearest mountain to enjoy the beautiful view while having breakfast up there. The sun didn't join us very long but still a very nice experience! Being able to do this is one of the many things I appreciate about living here:)
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