27 Jan 2015

sweet switzerland

Hi there, I wanted to share some nice random photos of Switzerland because I really like this country and enjoy living here. I don't even have awesome skiing mountain shots ( but you can see these in the previous post by Miri) because I haven't gotten a chance to really explore the snowy tops yet due to my busy schedule - but luckily you don't have to walk or drive far to see the beauty of sweet Switzerland! And there are of course all the other perks like fondue, chocolate & co :)

20 Jan 2015

the mountains are calling!

A couple of photos from our skiing trip to Switzerland right after we came back from Washington!! A whole lot of fun not only because skiing itself is such a perfect thing to do but also because of nice breaks with a hot chocolate in the sun and hilarious evenings with cooking dinner and playing games with family and friends :) xx

18 Jan 2015

New Years in Washington DC!



Well hello everyone! I know New Years is sort of over but I wanted to put this post up anyway.
Since I did not have to work for 3 weeks from Christmas on, I could go with my family and family friends to Washington for New Years. It really is a beautiful city and even though it was pretty cold the weather was perfectly sunny! It was also just fun to hang out with my family and our friends because these times always turn out to be the funniest. What did we do besides sleeping on New Years Eve because of the jetlag? The stuff you would expect when being in the capitol (White House, etc), shopping and exploring by foot but we also rented bikes and cruised around ;)
Georgetown was definitely my favourite!

xx Miri

9 Jan 2015

calm days // belated happy new year!

I should probably take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year! Again, it's been a while since the last post (oh dear) and we actually wanted to make like a 2014 round up post with images of a lot of things we did but there seems to have been a lack of wifi for Miri during her holiday travels and I don't have most of the 2014 pictures since my hardware died (which makes me kind of wanna cry). So, better late than never, let's start the 2015 with these pictures I took right at the beginning of the year  spending time with the family and enjoying the beautiful scenery:)
Hope everyone had a relaxing holiday and fab new years eve!
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