23 Dec 2014

lucia, ice skating and countdowns


Stressful but also somewhat magical times before christmas, especially if spent around kids! On the 13th of december is Lucia, celebrated in order to bring light in times of winter darkness (literally!). The kids had little performances in school and kindergarden with songs and pepparkakor and coffee afterwards. A couple of friends and I also went to the Lucia show in Skansen which was really nice but SO cold. We also went to the christmas market and danced around the christmas tree in traditional swedish manner! ;)
The last weekend in Stockholm before heading home for christmas was filled with Ice Skating (more or less successful) and shopping presents. I couldn't wait to get home but as I was saying goodbye to my host family and friends there, it already felt like I wasn't going to come back. The final goodbye in summer is going to be very hard, I already know that for sure!

Merry Christmas everyone! xx

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