14 Dec 2014

being an au pair

I thought it's about time to tell you something about my stay as an au pair so far. Since it's been more than 3 months already I get along with the kids very well and my swedish is acceptable for every day life, I guess ;)
I go to a language course in the morning 3 times a week and pick up the kids from kindergarden and school at around 16.00h every day unless they have activities (quite many to be honest) that start earlier. I'm glad that everything is in walking distance although the kids, especially the oldest since he  doesn't sit in a stroller anymore, is not too pleased whenever I don't take the car.
In the afternoon, I play with them, make dinner (we eat around 18.00h every day!) and clean up. I definitely didn't think in the beginning that it would be that much housework! They do have a cleaning lady but just cleaning up after playing and all the meals and also laundry is indeed quite a lot...Despite stressful times and sick kids having to be home all the time, I like my time here in Stockholm and the family I live with! If you haven't noticed by now, I absolutely adore Stockholm and by now I have also made quite a lot of new friends which of course makes one feel a lot more at home. Speaking of it, I somehow feel this has already become like a second home (although I feel like I have quite many second homes around the world :D ).

Merry christmas everyone! xx

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