6 Nov 2014

summer's back

Just like Maddie, I've also had an autumn break (thank god). Although I really love Stockholm, it was nice to get a break and spend some time with my family and family friends in the sun! Since it's quite convenient, we went to Mallorca - not too far away and definitely a very pretty island if you are away from charter tourism ;) - for 10 days and afterwards I spent one day at home before I headed back to Sweden again. It's just been one those perfect holidays with good food, the right people and of course the ocean! xx


  1. Wow, super gorgeous shots. Looks crazy dreamy! I've never been and actually never thought much of going to Mallorca, but this might change my mind :)

  2. thanks a lot! :) and yes, I know exactly what you're talking about when saying you had never really thought much about that place but after the first time I've been there about 2 years ago I changed my mind completely! You should def give it a try, just look for the right places away from the wrong people if you know what I'm saying ;) and Palma is actually a really nice city as well (culture- and shopping-wise!) xx


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