17 Oct 2014


Skansen is an open-air museum on an island called 'Djurgården' which is quite close to the city center. At first it might not seem very exciting to got to a museum but I really love this place! Skansen is basically a collection of old houses (often with interior and people dressed according to the period of time telling you about life back then) and places from different eras and from all over Sweden. There is a town quarter which simulates a village in which you'll find everything you'd need - from a pharmacy to a cafe or a post office. On top of that, there is an area with all the typical scandinavian animals including bears, wolves and of course elks. Since the whole park is just so nice and there is so much new to discover every time you come, I'm thinking about getting a season pass :)


'hälsningar', Miri x

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