14 Oct 2014

inspirational words

Get active, take the initiative and get started with your project, whatever it may be. From the little things like cleaning out something or working out to bigger things such as organizing an event or sorting your applications - it's most probably going to be really rewarding, bring you further and motivate you to do other things.
A bit like the lovely Zoella's just say yes, the point of this is, if you're hesitating about an opportunity which may include stepping out of your comfort zone: do it! chances you will regret saying yes are way lower than regretting you said no:)

They say you don't realise what you have until you no longer have it, and this sounds kind of depressing, but you never know what can happen so telling your close ones you love them is really the best thing you can do! And it will just make everyone feel nice and loved and you know love is all you need that kind of stuff;)

...if you're having a hard time getting all caught up about something

Last one for this post, always greet people and be friendly! makes everyday life so much friendlier and people think of you as a nice, confident person :)


Something a little different, hopefully some people reading this find it inspiring or helpful:D 

all pictures found on the internet, first one credit to kyle pierce illustration

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