2 Oct 2014

healthy smoothies

Smoothies are a great solution if you don't really like to eat a lot of vegetables or fruit but you still want to be healthy and get as close to your 5-a-day as possible (my case!). I just mix and blend the fruit I have in the kitchen and turn it into a delicious smoothie!
Berries from the freezer are the perfect base, since they will give the smoothie a really nice taste and you can always have them in stock (also and especially in winter!) plus they are not as pricey as the rest may be. Then I add whatever I have at the moment, like oranges, grapes, passion fruit, kiwi, and when I'm feeling daring a bit of a veg like carrot or cucmber haha!
For the extra healthy (tumblr style I say) touch I put stuff like chia seeds or goji berries in:D

++ specific recipe because it's been asked for :)

  • about 200g of raspberries (make sure you get them out the freezer early enough so they're more juicy haha)
  • 1 orange
  • 1 passion fruit
  • handful of blueberries and/or grapes
  • the amount of chia seeds you can see on the picture, they're better if you let them soak in a bit of water first
  • some cool water to make it more liquid and ice cubes if you want
enjoy and feel healthy!


  1. yummmm. fruit smoothies are a winner through out the year not just summer! favourite!


  2. this look so good esp because of the passion (what we call it in my country)


  3. ooh looks yummy, you should add a recipe for a specific one. i'd come back and read it xx

    1. thank you, glad you're interested :)

    2. thanks! gonna try this now xx

    3. you're welcome! hope you like it haha x

  4. There are many people who are worried about their ever increasing weight. They exercise too much as well as diet but don't get satisfactory results. This fruit and vegetable smoothies is very helpful for looking slim and smart.



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