21 Oct 2014

catching up

The time after finishing school is so exciting and full of adventures and new beginnings for everyone that it keeps getting harder to meet as a group of friends. Most of us are or will be living abroad which means that times like these are getting rare :( 
However, we managed to find a date and even connected the ones that couldn't be here (Marie in Bali and Miri in Sweden)! Despite several commonly known technical difficulties with Skype ('can you see me??' 'wait, what happened? where did the internet go?!' and so on), it almost felt like we were all reunited and just chatting like back in the days. 


Maddy is already on vacation with her family and I will also be going away at the end of this week so we don't really know how the internet situation is going to be like but I guess it'll all work out ;)
And that also implies that we'll bring back some sunshine, beach and summer feels back on the blog!!

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