25 Oct 2014

autumn fair

                                                                          Hej hej!

This beautiful sunny saturday was spent at Skansen (again :D ). They often host events there and this weekend was all about 'an autumn fair in 1900'. As you can tell by the pictures, it feels like to be thrown into Astrid Lindgren's world especially since there are many people (or should I say actors?) who are dressed according to the time and who are walking around pretending to be living there and selling all different sorts of things at their little stalls.
Unfortunately, the warm days are getting very rare and you can feel the scandinavian winter coming...but after such long warm and sunny weeks here in Stockholm I shouldn't be complaining. And since the sun is already setting quite early, the level of coziness is definitely rising ;)


  1. gorgeous photographs, looks like an awesome day! Stockholm is like my number one place I want to visit!

    Drea xo

    1. thank you! hope you get to go there soon, it's so nice:)

  2. the pictures are so beautiful!! <3 the winter where I live is gonna be pretty bad ): !! summer days were lovely!

  3. thank you:) it's gonna get really cold here too, at least there's all that coziness and christmas to look forward to;) x


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