31 Oct 2014

turkish week

(that pedalo was hell)

Over the years it has kind of become a tradition that every autumn we travel to some warm (usually mediterranean) place with my extended family, which is always something we all very much look forward to. It's so nice to have a week to relax, explore new regions and spend quality time with the family, and I'm really thankful that we get to do this.
It's also the chance to soak up every possible ray of sunshine and get that tan freshed up before longgg winter months!;)

25 Oct 2014

autumn fair

                                                                          Hej hej!

This beautiful sunny saturday was spent at Skansen (again :D ). They often host events there and this weekend was all about 'an autumn fair in 1900'. As you can tell by the pictures, it feels like to be thrown into Astrid Lindgren's world especially since there are many people (or should I say actors?) who are dressed according to the time and who are walking around pretending to be living there and selling all different sorts of things at their little stalls.
Unfortunately, the warm days are getting very rare and you can feel the scandinavian winter coming...but after such long warm and sunny weeks here in Stockholm I shouldn't be complaining. And since the sun is already setting quite early, the level of coziness is definitely rising ;)

21 Oct 2014

catching up

The time after finishing school is so exciting and full of adventures and new beginnings for everyone that it keeps getting harder to meet as a group of friends. Most of us are or will be living abroad which means that times like these are getting rare :( 
However, we managed to find a date and even connected the ones that couldn't be here (Marie in Bali and Miri in Sweden)! Despite several commonly known technical difficulties with Skype ('can you see me??' 'wait, what happened? where did the internet go?!' and so on), it almost felt like we were all reunited and just chatting like back in the days. 


Maddy is already on vacation with her family and I will also be going away at the end of this week so we don't really know how the internet situation is going to be like but I guess it'll all work out ;)
And that also implies that we'll bring back some sunshine, beach and summer feels back on the blog!!

19 Oct 2014

sweater weather

It's that time of the year (well it has been for a while now) but anyway we thought we'd make a post about this season. We are more the summer lovers actually but there are some nice things about autumn too, like getting all cosy and snuggled up inside with your fluffy socks, blankets/onesies and nice candles lit. Time to get out the knits for sweater weather and wear our those scarfs (tartan time!), beanies and boots again! And have plenty of tea and hot chocolates and of course baking is always a nice remedy against the cold :) We've also been enjoying people's vlogtobers, which already puts you in the mood for christmas time (yes it's too early sorry not sorry;) )

17 Oct 2014


Skansen is an open-air museum on an island called 'Djurgården' which is quite close to the city center. At first it might not seem very exciting to got to a museum but I really love this place! Skansen is basically a collection of old houses (often with interior and people dressed according to the period of time telling you about life back then) and places from different eras and from all over Sweden. There is a town quarter which simulates a village in which you'll find everything you'd need - from a pharmacy to a cafe or a post office. On top of that, there is an area with all the typical scandinavian animals including bears, wolves and of course elks. Since the whole park is just so nice and there is so much new to discover every time you come, I'm thinking about getting a season pass :)


'hälsningar', Miri x

14 Oct 2014

inspirational words

Get active, take the initiative and get started with your project, whatever it may be. From the little things like cleaning out something or working out to bigger things such as organizing an event or sorting your applications - it's most probably going to be really rewarding, bring you further and motivate you to do other things.
A bit like the lovely Zoella's just say yes, the point of this is, if you're hesitating about an opportunity which may include stepping out of your comfort zone: do it! chances you will regret saying yes are way lower than regretting you said no:)

They say you don't realise what you have until you no longer have it, and this sounds kind of depressing, but you never know what can happen so telling your close ones you love them is really the best thing you can do! And it will just make everyone feel nice and loved and you know love is all you need that kind of stuff;)

...if you're having a hard time getting all caught up about something

Last one for this post, always greet people and be friendly! makes everyday life so much friendlier and people think of you as a nice, confident person :)


Something a little different, hopefully some people reading this find it inspiring or helpful:D 

all pictures found on the internet, first one credit to kyle pierce illustration

10 Oct 2014

rooftop cook-off! I TBT

Being creative in the kitchen and enjoying the evening sky and the beautiful view of the sea back in Portugal this summer. Moments and pictures to look back on when you're snuggling with your blanket and a cuppa hiding from the wind and the rain :D

6 Oct 2014

Wies'n ! (Oktoberfest)

Ein proosit ..!
I'm usually not a big fan of folkloric events, but I really love the Oktoberfest which takes place in Munich every year. Luckily two good friends of mine (danke A&A:D ) live there so if I can make the trip there I can combine seeing them and attending the Oktoberfest with some real locals;)
It's a huge traditional fair with lots of massive tents where thousands of people have a good time (obviously accompanied by the obligatory 'maß' of beer) and sing along to German folk songs. What I also like is that everyone wears the traditional outfits which look really cool:)

2 Oct 2014

healthy smoothies

Smoothies are a great solution if you don't really like to eat a lot of vegetables or fruit but you still want to be healthy and get as close to your 5-a-day as possible (my case!). I just mix and blend the fruit I have in the kitchen and turn it into a delicious smoothie!
Berries from the freezer are the perfect base, since they will give the smoothie a really nice taste and you can always have them in stock (also and especially in winter!) plus they are not as pricey as the rest may be. Then I add whatever I have at the moment, like oranges, grapes, passion fruit, kiwi, and when I'm feeling daring a bit of a veg like carrot or cucmber haha!
For the extra healthy (tumblr style I say) touch I put stuff like chia seeds or goji berries in:D

++ specific recipe because it's been asked for :)

  • about 200g of raspberries (make sure you get them out the freezer early enough so they're more juicy haha)
  • 1 orange
  • 1 passion fruit
  • handful of blueberries and/or grapes
  • the amount of chia seeds you can see on the picture, they're better if you let them soak in a bit of water first
  • some cool water to make it more liquid and ice cubes if you want
enjoy and feel healthy!
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