20 Sep 2014

short trip to Chicago!

Heyo! Since I've moved to Stockholm for a year now, my Mum and I decided to spend some 'quality time' just before I left. Hence, these pictures were taken at the end of August which makes the post sort of a throwback ;) Anyway. We had a lovely time even though it was only for one night! 
In the morning, we went for a run along the beach of Lake Michigan. It's simply incredible how many people are running there - and yet understandable because it simply is so pretty. 
That day the sun was shining, the weather was very hot and the beach was incredibly crowded because of a rather spectacular air show that (of course) had to take place when we were there. However, we managed to push our rental bikes through the crowd and eventually found ways on which we could actually cycle a bit. The afternoon was spent shopping clothes, swimming in the lake and strolling around until it was time to pack our bags again and head home.

Little adventures like this keep life exciting! xx

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