17 Sep 2014

moving to Stockholm!

Hej hej!
As indicated in earlier posts, the upcoming year is going to be a very special one for us. Since we finished school this summer and both of us decided not to go to university straight away, we are doing a gap year. In my case, that means being an AuPair in the beautiful city Stockholm.
After an unforgettable summer (certainly the best summer I ever had) it was time to say farewell to family, friends and home. Although I always travelled a lot and even lived abroad for some time, I knew this was sort of a 'big thing' now...going away for an entire year basically means getting out of your comfort zone and having to start all over again.
So here I am - a new life has begun and memories are about to be made! The place I call home from now on is a lovely suburb of Stockholm surrounded by water and forest, yet very close to the city. That's a point I greatly appreciate because I do live my little 'swedish dream' with so many nice houses and the sea just a couple of hundred meters away and then there's also the big city that really has so much to offer just a train ride away.
The family I live with has three little kids and I'm not only getting along with them very well but also with the parents who are just a very open and laid-back couple.

So here I am - blogging from Sweden from now on! I hope you all enjoy the new chapters we go through! It is also new for us to be separated for such a long time, so the blog becomes a new way of telling each other what has been going on and sharing photos of all the new little adventures.

Miri xx

PS: Miss you loads Maddy! :)

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  1. Hope you have a great time over there! Saludos from Buenos Aires xxx


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