27 Sep 2014

an island called 'grinda'

Catching the last rays of the summer sun this weekend in the Swedish archipelago (if you don't know, it's basically a cluster of thousands of islands extending around 60km from Stockholm to the east)! Me and a couple of other girls went to Grinda by boat and not only the island we arrived on was stunning but the way there made getting up early so much worth it ;) It took us about an hour to get there but time flew by because you can look at all the little islands with their beautiful houses and the still summery landscape. The island we went to is actually quite small and there are mostly people who stop by with their own boats to go swimming, make 'fika' (coffee break which is almost holy here) or explore the woods and hidden spots from which you have a fantastic view. We also went swimming - yes, we were very brave considering the freezing temperature of the sea - just because the weather is still so nice and I don't want this amazing summer to end!
At some point, we have to go back and have a bonfire (and smores!) on of the huge rocks that allow you to look far into the archipelago :)
The way home however was a bit of a struggle because the timetable of the ferry was the most confusing thing ever and as we had to take a much later one than we originally intended to, our bus didn't run at that time of the evening anymore which meant we had to walk all the way to the train station (not that we already walked around the freaking island all day but oh well...)

All in all though - wonderfully spent sunday!
Miri xxx

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  1. So beautiful, this reminds me why I really wanted to go to Scandinavia...
    My coffee break is holy to me as well, just saying.
    Do you live in an area where you ever get to see the north lights? That's definetly on my bucket list.
    Marina xx


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