29 Sep 2014

perfect sunday

Every weekend, we explore more bits and pieces of Stockholm and if I didn't already, I must really say I adore this city! There's just so much to do, to see, to eat and to shop (very tragic for my financial situation since I don't earn that much). Yesterday, we bought a couple of yummy things and went to Skeppsholmen which is one of the many islands of Stockholm - the city is spread across 14 islands - by ferry. We had our little picknick with a spectacular view on the city, the sea and Gröna Lund, an amusement park. After we had walked back to the city centre, we grabbed a coffee and did some shopping. And of course, a 'perfect sunday' wouldn't be complete without pizza for dinner ;)

27 Sep 2014

an island called 'grinda'

Catching the last rays of the summer sun this weekend in the Swedish archipelago (if you don't know, it's basically a cluster of thousands of islands extending around 60km from Stockholm to the east)! Me and a couple of other girls went to Grinda by boat and not only the island we arrived on was stunning but the way there made getting up early so much worth it ;) It took us about an hour to get there but time flew by because you can look at all the little islands with their beautiful houses and the still summery landscape. The island we went to is actually quite small and there are mostly people who stop by with their own boats to go swimming, make 'fika' (coffee break which is almost holy here) or explore the woods and hidden spots from which you have a fantastic view. We also went swimming - yes, we were very brave considering the freezing temperature of the sea - just because the weather is still so nice and I don't want this amazing summer to end!
At some point, we have to go back and have a bonfire (and smores!) on of the huge rocks that allow you to look far into the archipelago :)
The way home however was a bit of a struggle because the timetable of the ferry was the most confusing thing ever and as we had to take a much later one than we originally intended to, our bus didn't run at that time of the evening anymore which meant we had to walk all the way to the train station (not that we already walked around the freaking island all day but oh well...)

All in all though - wonderfully spent sunday!
Miri xxx

23 Sep 2014

british countryside is beautiful

Isn't it? Anyways I love british countryside and I had a lovely time visiting friends recently! Nice walks (or climbs up a hill actually), a little picnic enjoying the beautiful view, meeting people in the pub and other fun things :)
ps. shoutout to lex and carly xxx

20 Sep 2014

short trip to Chicago!

Heyo! Since I've moved to Stockholm for a year now, my Mum and I decided to spend some 'quality time' just before I left. Hence, these pictures were taken at the end of August which makes the post sort of a throwback ;) Anyway. We had a lovely time even though it was only for one night! 
In the morning, we went for a run along the beach of Lake Michigan. It's simply incredible how many people are running there - and yet understandable because it simply is so pretty. 
That day the sun was shining, the weather was very hot and the beach was incredibly crowded because of a rather spectacular air show that (of course) had to take place when we were there. However, we managed to push our rental bikes through the crowd and eventually found ways on which we could actually cycle a bit. The afternoon was spent shopping clothes, swimming in the lake and strolling around until it was time to pack our bags again and head home.

Little adventures like this keep life exciting! xx

17 Sep 2014

moving to Stockholm!

Hej hej!
As indicated in earlier posts, the upcoming year is going to be a very special one for us. Since we finished school this summer and both of us decided not to go to university straight away, we are doing a gap year. In my case, that means being an AuPair in the beautiful city Stockholm.
After an unforgettable summer (certainly the best summer I ever had) it was time to say farewell to family, friends and home. Although I always travelled a lot and even lived abroad for some time, I knew this was sort of a 'big thing' now...going away for an entire year basically means getting out of your comfort zone and having to start all over again.
So here I am - a new life has begun and memories are about to be made! The place I call home from now on is a lovely suburb of Stockholm surrounded by water and forest, yet very close to the city. That's a point I greatly appreciate because I do live my little 'swedish dream' with so many nice houses and the sea just a couple of hundred meters away and then there's also the big city that really has so much to offer just a train ride away.
The family I live with has three little kids and I'm not only getting along with them very well but also with the parents who are just a very open and laid-back couple.

So here I am - blogging from Sweden from now on! I hope you all enjoy the new chapters we go through! It is also new for us to be separated for such a long time, so the blog becomes a new way of telling each other what has been going on and sharing photos of all the new little adventures.

Miri xx

PS: Miss you loads Maddy! :)

15 Sep 2014

a little bit different

Originally, we thought we'd blog about life, fashion and beauty equally, but in a year of blogging we've realised that the life posts overweighed and that they were more 'our thing' .
Finishing school was quite a big milestone in our lives and from now on, things will probably be a little different. We are both taking a gap year before going to uni, and we think that it will be great to also have this blog as a way to keep our friends and families (and also each other!!) updated about what's going on in our lives when we're abroad :)
Of course,we're still into fashion and beauty and there will still be posts about those when we feel like it!:D
So we hope that you'll enjoy our blog !

10 Sep 2014

the best summer

Summer's coming to an end...
As you may have noticed, we have been around quite a lot this summer. So much we struggled to keep track of it on the blog. In total we have been to eight countries (and three more as drive-through) this summer, which sounds crazy!
We don't travel around as much each summer, but because (as we said) we finished school in June  this summer was meant to be a special one.
Since we were (or partly still aren't) sure of what we will be doing or where we will be living in the future, and it looks a lot like 'flying the nest', we wanted to make the most of the time spent with our friends and families.
And indeed, we had some amazing times this summer and made great memories, we are very grateful for that and we hope had a great summer too!

7 Sep 2014

lisboa funzies

A little bit late, but here  are some more pictures of our holiday in Lisbon! The flat we stayed in with our friends had the most breathtaking view ever.  Since it had a lot of big windows we were amazed by the panoramic view of the bay, the ocean, other surroundings and the evening sky the whole time we spent not exploring the area or relaxing at the beach. To make the most of ou last day, we even slept outside looking at the stars *reminiscing*

5 Sep 2014

geneva family time

Again, as I always come to Geneva to see my family... As usual it was very nice to see everyone and spend time with them in this beautiful area of Switzerland! We were quite lucky with the weather so we got to go out on the lake and do other fun things outside such as bonfire/bbq's :)
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