30 Aug 2014

Venezia !!!

recognize the place JOHNNY DEPP jumps off from in the tourist?;)

Of course I had always thought that Venice was a really beautiful city, but when I actually went there this summer (back when I was in Italy), I was amazed. From the moment we headed into the city on a vaporetto on the canale grande, I was in love with the city and felt like nearly as if I was in a movie and everything around me looked SO beautiful in the evening light.
Venice is obviously full of tourists and qutie expensive, but it is definitely worth a trip, even if you go just for a day! However, if you're planning to stay there overnight and you want to avoid getting 20 mosquito bites per night, I'd recommend not going there during summer;)


  1. Your holiday pictures look so stunning! Went to Italia this year, but unfortunately didn't went to Venezia, though I'd love to go there sometime It looks so prettyyyy. <3

    1. thanks leonie! oh cool, hope you had a good time too:) x


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