19 Aug 2014

summer in the north

Just like Maddy, I went - after all the holidays with friends - on vacation with my family and family friends of ours. Every second year, we spend our summer on an island in the north which couldn't be a lot more beautiful than it is! Every house and garden, each cafe and little store is made with so much love for detail and the people up there are very friendly. Since I feel like I made so many childhood memories there, I feel a bit nostalgic every time we come back ;)
Another awesome thing was the weather (as you can imagine, it is definitely not guaranteed to be sunny and hot all the time) because the Sea was quite 'hot' even and the sun was shining the majority of the time. Once again, I can look back on a time plenty of laughter, time to relax and memories with my family and friends!

xx Miri

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