30 Aug 2014

Venezia !!!

recognize the place JOHNNY DEPP jumps off from in the tourist?;)

Of course I had always thought that Venice was a really beautiful city, but when I actually went there this summer (back when I was in Italy), I was amazed. From the moment we headed into the city on a vaporetto on the canale grande, I was in love with the city and felt like nearly as if I was in a movie and everything around me looked SO beautiful in the evening light.
Venice is obviously full of tourists and qutie expensive, but it is definitely worth a trip, even if you go just for a day! However, if you're planning to stay there overnight and you want to avoid getting 20 mosquito bites per night, I'd recommend not going there during summer;)

27 Aug 2014

atlantic wind and salty air

Finally some of the Portugal pictures! We had a great time there and went to the beach most days. After the calm waters of Croatia the 'wild' antlantic coast was nearly a shock haha! Very (!) windy and big waves. The coast is really beautiful there and the beaches that aren't in the bay of Lisbon were really large and uncrowded apart from surfers and kites, which were fun to watch. The sea was very very cold, but we managed to get used to it after a while :D

21 Aug 2014

coulours of Capri

One of the highlights of my time in Italy has to be our day trip to Capri. The sea was of such a deep blue and the view from all the spots we walked to was breathtaking! You could only imagine how amazing it must be to have a house on top of the rocks or to chill out on one of these yachts you could see from above.. We also rented a mini boat to get refreshed and get closer to the azurro waters. If you're a millionaire and looking for a nice place to hang out on your yacht, go there;) But anyway Capri is definitely worth a trip!
xo Maddie

19 Aug 2014

summer in the north

Just like Maddy, I went - after all the holidays with friends - on vacation with my family and family friends of ours. Every second year, we spend our summer on an island in the north which couldn't be a lot more beautiful than it is! Every house and garden, each cafe and little store is made with so much love for detail and the people up there are very friendly. Since I feel like I made so many childhood memories there, I feel a bit nostalgic every time we come back ;)
Another awesome thing was the weather (as you can imagine, it is definitely not guaranteed to be sunny and hot all the time) because the Sea was quite 'hot' even and the sun was shining the majority of the time. Once again, I can look back on a time plenty of laughter, time to relax and memories with my family and friends!

xx Miri

18 Aug 2014

bella italia

the vesuvio! we also visited pompei which was quite impressive

After the packed weeks at home and away with friends I spent some time in Italy with my family which was very nice and relaxing. Italy is such a nice country! I think we ate only pizza, pasta and ice cream during our whole stay there haha but italian cuisine is just so yummy!

14 Aug 2014

ready for the beach

top-diy, shorts-bershka

Again, it's been a while! For me personally, a wifi-free time, time to relax with the family and exploring Italy:) Sunshine and a lot of water, here's one outfit of before going to the beach!
I always like to use these little bags that come with the Kiwi bikinis to put my essentials in if you're gping to the beach or to the pool, so you don't have to carry massive bags and just have them in a little water- and sandsafe place!

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