30 Jul 2014

when in rome

non stop travelling and 100% vacation!
Although it feels like we just came back from Croatia, we already moved on to holiday number 3. A couple of days after having come back from our grade trip to Croatia, we flew out to Portugal with 6 other friends and stayed at the coolest penthouse ever. As you might be wondering why we haven't posted anything yet is simply due to the fact that it was so amazing that we took pictures worth of 20 gb memory space! Another problem is the lack of internet on Maddy's side (we somehow failed to transfer the pictures to my laptop).
So the current situation is that both of us are on vacation with our families - Maddy's in Italy as you can tell by the lovely photos above ;)

We hope you are all having an amazing summer, just like we do!
xx Miri

17 Jul 2014

croatian week of fun

We're back from a week full of fun, laughter, partying, swimming and relaxing! This trip to Croatia was the last time our grade got together in order to celebrate our graduation appropriately ;) After a very, very stressful journey to the location, our holiday could begin. Most mornings (well, let's call it waking up as it got later day by day) were spent by the pool or the beach, the water was super nice! Around 16.00h, the first open air clubs opened their doors for after beach parties. The clubs were located at a nearby beach of which we weren't even able to pronounce the name ;)
All in all, it was just really nice to get together with everyone, to spend time with friends (especially because everyone seems to go abroad after the summer) and to talk to people we didn't really know before.

Here's to the class of 2014!

15 Jul 2014

on the go

Hey blog readers! To be honest, we might struggle keeping this blog updated over the next weeks, since we can't really be sure where to find the next wifi spots, but we'll do our best!:)
We just came back from Croatia with most of our year and we're headed off to Portugal next, so we haven't really found the time to sort all the Croatia pictures yet..but hopefully we'll find the time to do that soon!
Hope everyone's enjoying summer xo

4 Jul 2014

One Direction?!

One VERY important event among the many things happening lately: I finally went to see One Direction!!! (Confession: Yes, I have been part of the fandom for a some time..directioners reading this??:D )
I went with two fellow directioner friends and it was absolutely amazing! Finally actually seeing them was kind of surreal, we were very excited and had goose bumps all the way through haha.
We also went a little fangirl crazy, which was probably to expect, but one of the things that made it even nicer was that we were surrounded by likeminded people, so everyone was nice and we were just acting normal:D
Another great thing that was 5 seconds of summer was the opening act, so we got to enjoy those 4 lovelies as well!
After the concert we had to wait on the car park for some time, because meeting up with my sister and her friends turned out to be a little more complicated than expected, but it was actually quite fun - we chilled on the car roof and joined in 1D songs that other people were playing in their cars!
So definitely something that I would do again!
xo Maddie
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