19 Jun 2014

TBT I California

Santa Monica beach & pier

Desperate Housewives addicts, remind you of something?! (Susan's house in the wisteria lane!)
lovely evening sun at Malibu beach
this litte city called Carmel had such a nice white sand beach and beautiful holiday houses!
Last but not least, San Francisco - such a cool city! 
A few years ago I flew to California with my family, from where we then travelled around the west of America for about a month and I think I can say it was the most amazing holiday.
As I was looking through old folders the other day I found the pictures and it really made me wanna go back to all the places, so I thought I'd share some of my favourites:)
Funnily, this was just when California Gurls by Katy Perry came out and I could only totally agree with her!
Also, as this was my first time going to America, I found that Americans were so friendly, laid-back and welcoming, which made the trip even more pleasant!
Any Californians or Cali-lovers reading this?:)
xo Maddie

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