3 Jun 2014

...so over maths!

It's exam time one last time (oral finals, omg), at least schoolwise. These 3 last ones, one of them is an  oral maths exam, are coming up in the next few weeks but after that, we own the summer! Prepare yourself for lots of sun, graduation ceremonies, beach fun with friends, a roadtrip, endless nights and new beginnings :) Until then, we study hard (with the tiny bit of motivation left) and complain a lot...Oh well, it'll soon be over!

Good luck to all of those who are having exams as well! xx


  1. Oral exams are probably the worst exams in life haha, especially when it's an oral maths exam (I figure myself trying to say the formulas out loud instead of the 'safe' writing it down, which sounds way too bad). Good luck, the thought that every exam is a step closer to summer must be a good motivation. :)

    1. So true!!! ;) and thank you! hope you finish soon as well, and btw loving your blog! :) xx


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