30 Jun 2014


We've already said it, but there actually is so much going on lately. We like to call it social summer - not that we're usually unsocial, but after the times of studying hard in our rooms, we want to make the most of this summer, which is going to be quite a unique one since we're not going to all go back to school in september as usual, but all of our friends and ourselves are going to head off in different directions and start new things after school - crazy to think!
So here are some of the things that have been happening lately:
Multiple evenings outside with friends and classmates, as well as the bbq, grilled marshmallows and nice music...
Family gatherings such as my (Maddie) sister's confirmation with macarons made by mum yum
The hunt for prom dresses going on, which included some roadtripping...
And other free time with beautiful evening sunlight...

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  1. Beautiful pictures! The macaroons look so colourful and yummy! Abi :) myw0rldmyview.blogspot.co.uk


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