2 May 2014

polaroid diary

Since this year seems to be one full of new experiences, unforgettable memories and amazing friends, I thought I would document it by writing down the special things. The first couple of weeks were very successful in terms of writing something every day but as time went by and school basically took over, I couldn't do it as often anymore. However, I still try to document the special days.
I just think it is a really nice way of remembering little bits and bobs of the year of graduation and going abroad...maybe my future-me will like it sometime ;)

The Polaroid camera is a perfect way of making the diary a bit more vivid and I think that the pictures really turn out nicely! The only negative thing about it is the price of the films...I still believe it's worth it!

Lots of love - Miri

book - IKEA, camera - Fujifilm


  1. I love Polaroids I want a Polaroid camera!!! :)


    1. you should definitely get one then! They're a whole lot of fun and the camera itself is not even that expensive ;) x


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