31 May 2014

Bear's Den Concert!

                              A band called Matthew And The Atlas as one of the opening acts

A couple of days ago, I got to go to a Bear's Den concert with a couple of friends which was a lot of fun! They were 'only' playing in a sort of night club so the atmosphere was really chilled and we could stand right by the stage the entire evening. That also meant that the supporting acts and Bear's Den themselves came to the merch table to chat, sell their stuff and take pictures but there wasn't a long queue or masses attacking them which was quite a nice feature ;)

oh and excuse the shiny faces in the last picture...it was a super hot day and inside the club with all the people, I felt like melting (as you can also tell by the boys' shirts)...still so worth it!

26 May 2014

summer wishlist

summer wishlist!

summer wishlist! 

Some things that are wanted this summer!
1. A triangl bikini! They have such nice cuts and colours and they just look so nice! Unfortunately they are a bit pricey and you need to pay the shipping etc :/
2. Is there a name for this kind of shorts? Those loose shorts that look a bit as if they were made for workouts, but I think they look good for an everyday outfit and are a nice alternative to the usual denim shorts.
3. Crop tops! The west coast one has kind of been around for a while (since we can't stop precisely) but it's still a cool top and also what's more summery than that west coast/ cali feeling? To me it is anyway! Anddd all these short crop tops are perfect with high-waisted bottoms and also with any other one, since it's summer, why not show some skin:P
4. Supergas. It seems like everyone is wearing them at the moment, I think it's the perfect shoe for a relaxed everyday or even evening summer outfit. They come in nearly every colour and especially the platform ones add something different to your look.
5. Layered necklaces. Wear any simple outfit and they will make it look so much cooler.
6. Don't forget to capture your favourite moments with your friends or of cool places this summer!  

What's on your wishlist??:) xo

15 May 2014

TBT I Greece

As I was organizing the thousands of pictures that are on my laptop, I stumbled across photos from when I went to Greece with my whole family about 2 years ago and I thought that this place was too beautiful not to be shared.
So we thought we could start this 'throwback thursday series' where we post 'old' photos that we would still like to share, even though we took them when before we had this blog:)
We hope you enjoy!

8 May 2014

'tis the season !!

As the sun has made more appearances and it's gotten a bit warmer, we have started to take trips to the frozen yogurt shop, one of our favourite places haha, more frequently! We've also been taking the occasion to hang out with friends after school or grab a little pizza along the way, since soon there will be no school anymore and the time at the moment is quite relaxed :)

2 May 2014

polaroid diary

Since this year seems to be one full of new experiences, unforgettable memories and amazing friends, I thought I would document it by writing down the special things. The first couple of weeks were very successful in terms of writing something every day but as time went by and school basically took over, I couldn't do it as often anymore. However, I still try to document the special days.
I just think it is a really nice way of remembering little bits and bobs of the year of graduation and going abroad...maybe my future-me will like it sometime ;)

The Polaroid camera is a perfect way of making the diary a bit more vivid and I think that the pictures really turn out nicely! The only negative thing about it is the price of the films...I still believe it's worth it!

Lots of love - Miri

book - IKEA, camera - Fujifilm

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