23 Apr 2014

Hamburg days

First of all: Belated HAPPY EASTER ! We hope you had a nice time with your families or whoever you wanted to spend easter with, and of course that you got some yummy treats ;)
This post is about a couple of days that I went to spend with a friend who is studying in Hamburg!
 Personally I think water in a city always makes it a whole lot nicer and since apparently it is the city with the most bridges in Europe and the Hamburg port is one of the biggest in Europe it's no wonder i find that place so beautiful! I had a really nice time exploring the touristy and not so touristy parts of it with my friends, one of my favourites was having a snack in a little pier bar the evening sun :) xo

17 Apr 2014

champions league!

last but not least, the beautiful Torres ;)

This is kind of an unusual post, but since (long story short) I got the opportunity to go to the Paris-Chelsea match and it was awesome, I thought I need to make a post about this! Also I guess things like this are just a part of the 'life' section of our blog which we think we'll do more posts about in the future:)
 PSG played FC Chelsea at the Parc des Princes on Wednesday and I have to admit that I'm not exactly the biggest football fan but with the chance to watch this match, I was more than happy to go and it turned out to be an amazing experience! The atmosphere in the stadium was great and besides the football we also go to see interesting people such as Michael Ballack or Gerard Depardieu!
Hoping that this didn't bore people;) xo maddie

14 Apr 2014

Bangkok I Pt. 2

a jungle-like area in the city centre!

Well here it is, Part 2 of my wonderful trip to Bangkok!
As you can see on the picures above, I always like to explore new things and sights in the city even though I've been there quite a lot of times! When doing a short city trip, it is always nice to look for things to do that are a bit more fun than the usual tourist programmes. Last year for example, my Mum and I went to a Thai cooking school (obviously still made for tourists but not the mainstream activity that all your fellow countrymen do as well - isn't it just the worst to be surrounded by sweaty tourists that speak your language and ruin the 'exotic experience'?!). This time we did a bicycle tour around the city and explored undreamt-of places (a jungle-like area in the city centre) and gained an insight into 'the real thai life' off the beaten tourist path :) Another great thing about these trips is that you get to know local people as well as other travellers, which is extremely interesting and provides inspiration and new ideas!
I also planned on doing a photography tour which was unfortunately cancelled...but oh well, there'll be a next time for sure ;)
These tips are of course not only applicable to Bangkok but to most other cities in the entire world! 

I'd love to hear your inside tip or simply things you enjoyed doing while exploring new territories!

xx Miri

12 Apr 2014

Paris strolls


where the fashion-magic happens;)
A few pictures that I took during my short trip to Paris! In my opinion the description la plus belle ville du monde is totally justified and I enjoy every stay there. Even if it's short, I love to stroll around and enjoy the beautiful sights,  and usually I manage to squeeze in some high-speed shopping ;)
Have you ever been to Paris? Or is it on your bucket list? Let me know!:)
xx Maddie

2 Apr 2014

Bangkok I Pt. 1

Hello everyone and welcome back!!
As you can tell by the title of the post, I was in Bangkok for the last couple of days. I usually do this trip to Bangkok once a year with my mum but this time it was even more special because we just finished our written exams (=super happy).
There really are a million things to do there and we love to discover something new every time we come. However, we also have our little traditions like going to the same spa to get a manicure and pedicure or enjoying a proper thai massage (more than once this trip ;) ).
As always in Thailand, the weather was super nice and hot which felt like the biggest shock after having had what felt like half a year of winter!
There'll be a second part coming soon in which I tell you a little bit about what you can do in Bangkok but also in other cities when doing a rather short trip :)

xx Lots of love, Miri

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