22 Mar 2014

current favourites

 1) Not being stressed and not having to revise anymore, sleeping in and being on youtube (maybe still too much..)

2) the favourites... British crew plus Tyler, Troye & Co ;)                (pictures are youtube screenies, not ours sadly)

3) Self made fruit juices so yummy and refreshing! Orange and raspberry ftw

4) Going out with your friends & nice evening skies

What are you enjoying at the moment or for those who are youtube-addicted, who are your favourites?:)

20 Mar 2014


Righttttt so it's been a while since our last post on here sorry!
Studying for our final exams didn't really leave us much time for blogging but now we're ready to post things again :)
Also we thought that we'd change the content a bit: We'll probably post more 'life-related' stuff, focusing on what we're up to and some fashion/beauty now and then!
Hopefully you stay tuned;)
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