31 Jan 2014


I have to admit it, a few years ago when I first noticed Soap&Glory, I immediately loved the brand without even having tried a product, simply because the packagings look so cool! But I wasn't disappointed by what's inside, so here are a few products that I've been loving for a while and recently. Oh and I should mention that they all smell more or less the same that sweet cosy smell, reminds me a bit of marshmallows:D
-In the shower: Glad Hair Day shampoo, which I wouldn't use every day (probably because it's for all hairtypes and also because of the price:p), but it's still nice & Clean On Me shower gel, creamy and moisturizing, feels very nice & The Scrub Of Your Life 'ultimate super-moisturizing body buffer' a little treat for your skin every now and then
-After the shower: Hand Food hand cream, moisturizing and with a lot of good stuff in it, doesn't leave your hands all greasy & The Righteous Butter body moisturizer (for very dry skin) also feels very good on your skin and leaves that nice smell on it!
...and again still A LOT of revision needed, so we can't come online much atm:/

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